Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Ride- Woodstock, VA

I got to take a hot air balloon ride in July in Woodstock, Virginia and it was amazing! 

 We booked a sunrise ride and although we weren't in the air for the first part of the sunrise, we still got to enjoy the beautiful colors from the ground.

 Getting the balloon ready before take off.

It's almost time to go.

 It was a perfectly gorgeous morning for a hot air balloon ride!

We landed in the yard near the other balloon. We were in the air about an hour and went about 10 miles in that hour.

Woodstock, Virginia 
July 2014


  1. It looks like it was absolutely a stunning day for it! What a great experience!

  2. Wow! What beautiful pix. And absolutely gorgeous weather as Lara noted. Always been on my bucket list. And nobody can tell me that Northern Virginia is not the most beautiful place in the world!