Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Glimpse of Downtown Saint John

First let me clarify that this post is NOT about the St. John in the Virgin Islands nor is it about the St. John's found in Newfoundland, Canada.  This is about the quaint little city of Saint John ("saint" spelled out and no apostrophe "s" at the end) in New Brunswick, Canada.  The oldest incorporated city in Canada, this charming harbor town offers as much natural beauty as it does rich architectural history.  

Situated right at the mouth of the Saint John River and the Bay of Fundy, the water is an integral part of the city landscape and a major tourism draw.    While there are parts of Saint John that are decidedly not very picturesque...  

there are other parts that have sort of a quaint old-town feel to it.

With its cobblestone walkways and the ornate and varied architecture, the rich cultural history of the city never seems far from the surface...

The beautiful old doorways caught my eye...

As did these two very different glimpses of the architecture.

It's not hard to imagine that parts of the city look very similarly as they had 100+ years ago.

I'm not sure that we would go out of our way to visit Saint John again, but I was glad for the time we did spend here!

Saint John, New Brunswick
August 13, 2013

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