Monday, February 11, 2013

Morocco, Part 1

Here is the first set of pictures from our recent trip to Morocco and Spain.  The pictures aren't really in any order.  Enjoy!

On the road to Chefchaouen.  It always seemed to be the women doing the heavy lifting.

Two boys in Chefchaouen.

Enjoying the weather in Chefchaouen. 

Moonrise on our first night in Morocco.  I made Dad pull over so I could get this shot.

Storks in a Dr Seuss tree in Rabat.

Friendship is the same everywhere.

Storks keeping watch over the Chellah in Rabat.

Mom and me at the King's tomb in Rabat.

Old man in front of a mosque in the Fes medina.

Overlooking the Fes medina.

The streets of the medina are so narrow they have to use donkeys and horses to bring goods in and out.

Me in front of the blue gate in Fes.

Barbary ape enjoying some bread.

Moon set over Fes.

Barren landscape on our way to the Sahara.

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  1. Wow!! Amazing pix Aitcher. Your pix are so much better than mine. Was hoping you would get some of the shots we saw. Especially love the first one of the Berber women.

    Thanks for posting!